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1. Request a copy of your  GP records are sent to us.
You have a right to ask you GP practice for a copy of your records for no fee. They may offer a paper version or offer you electronic access to your record.  It is important that you get a full and complete copy of all the GP consultation notes (including free text) and any letters sent or received about you. For your Firearms Licence Medical Report,  a summary is not acceptable unfortunately and a full copy is needed including any old paper or card records.

Here is a sample letter that you can copy and use to apply for your records from your GP. 

Electronic records
All GP surgeries are electronic now. We can accept an electronic version of your records but it has to be complete just like a paper copy.   It must include the free text from all consultations and copies of any correspondence or letters about your health.

With a  computerised record system there can be difficulties.  Many use a system called EMIS and may offer you electronic remote access to your notes.  Usually this is a type of summary. If you are offered this service you should ask for a full access version or a printed paper version instead. We realise this is difficult but we can only certify your notes to the police if they are complete.

2. Fill in our online form
This grants consent for us to view or obtain your medical records.

3.  Have the records sent to us
You can do this either be by post or scanned and e mailed to us. If your are given electronic access you can pass this on to us and we will ensure that the record is complete.

4. Pay the fee to us online.
Once you fill in the application form, you will receive a copy of the form along with a link to make your payment.  This may come to your junk box.  Any issues please get in touch with us.  



These are the Medical Conditions we look for that require comment by the police:

  • An acute Stress reaction or an acute reaction to stress caused by trauma
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Suicidal, intention, thoughts or self-harm.
  • A history or diagnosis  of dementia
  • Mania, bipolar disorder or a psychotic disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Neurological conditions: e.g. example Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s  disease, or Epilepsy
  • Any alcohol or drug abuse
  • Other mental or physical condition which might affect the safe possession of a shotgun or firearm.


How much will this cost?
The Shotgun medical certificate fee is £70.00.

Can I use an electronic version of my GP notes?
Yes we accept electronic versions but please see the section above about completeness in the 5 Easy Steps.

Will the GP charge me for my medical certificate or Proforma?
Often your GP will issue this for you but will usaully charge a fee as this is not their core NHS work. However, some GPs don’t reply to such a request, some may charge too higher fee, sometimes in cash and some may not cooperate at all on the grounds of conscientious objection to gun ownership.

Do I need a full record for a renewal or just the last 5 years?
YOU NOW NEED YOUR COMPLETE RECORD.  The last five years is now not acceptable even for an renewal

How long will all this take?
If you are renewing a licence the Police should give you 12 weeks notice that this is required. Your GP is obliged to give you a  free copy of your records within 30 days. Once we have the records, the application form and payment, we can issue a certificate usually within 5 working days.

What if I suffer with a condition that is listed on the certificate?
Most certificates will be straight forward but we have to comment factually and honestly on any condition that needs to be mentioned. (These are listed on the application page). If this is the case, the Police may contact you directly to gain further information. Then The Police will then make a decision about your shotgun or firearms licence application based on all the information they have obtained.

How we will dispose of your records?
We will retain your records for six months, We do this in case of any challenge from the issuing Police force.  After this they will be confidentially destroyed.  Shotgun Medicals will retain the contact and application form, the consent form and a copy of the report sent to the police.

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