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Who are Shotgun Medicals?

Discover peace of mind with Shotgun Medicals – your premier destination for firearm medical assessments.

Only £75

Experience hassle-free service with no upfront payments, lightning-fast turnaround times, and the convenience of virtual appointments.

Endorsed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), Shotgun Medicals specializes in providing comprehensive medical reports tailored for UK firearms and shotgun certificate applications.

Everything explained

  • When you apply for or renew your shotgun or firearms certificate, in many areas you will be asked to get a letter or form from your GP certifying you have no medical conditions that would preclude you from holding a licence.
  • For £75 we can scrutinise your GP record and provide a certificate and police forms to you directly within five days of receiving the complete notes.
  • Your records may be paper or electronic.
  • Online access;  you can grant us permission to access the record, direct from the surgery. However this must be the complete record .
  • Once we have your full records and you have paid the fee, we can issue the certificate and police forms to you within 5 days, usually. We will post these to you so you know what stage your application has reached.
  • We do not make any decisions on your fitness to hold a firearms or shotgun licence and this decision rests entirely with the Police authority to whom you are applying.
  • At Shotgun, Firearms Medical Reports we provide a factual statement after scrutinising your records and if you have any of the medical conditions listed on the application page, we are obliged to comment.
  • No meetings are required and you will have e-mail and telephone contact with us to help manage the process smoothly.


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